Italian Bakery

Pagnotta – Our Daily Bread

Italians identify the word pagnotta with a round shaped loaf of bread. A very ancient Italian saying states that “oggi ho guadagnato la mia pagnotta” or “today I have earned my pagnotta” – (referred to as the daily bread); yes Pagnotta, for all Italians in every city or town, means daily bread.

Original Bakery With A History of Tradition

La Pagnotta has been making Italian and continental bread for the citizens of Perth since 1986 whilst, Nando De Maria, founder of La Pagnotta, has been baking bread since he was a 13 year old boy in the late 1950s growing up in his native Roma.

The legacy of Nando’s vast experience and the commitment of his son, Walter, and their team at La Pagnotta is a superb range of traditional Italian and continental bakery products including crusty loaves, bread rolls, dinner rolls, focaccia, pizza bases, tasty muffins and more…

A Wide Variety of Italian & Continental Bread

La Pagnotta produces: Pagnotta, Filone, Special Durum, Ciabatta and Calabrese, Napoletano, Farmhouse, Francese, Focaccia, Genovese Focaccia, Ciabatta Rolls, Falini rolls, Garlic rolls and Roma rolls.

Additionally, La Pagnotta also supplies Australian style sandwich, toast loaves in wholemeal and multigrain varieties.

Retail and Wholesale Bakery

La Pagnotta Italian Bakery supplies retail and wholesale.

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