Fresh Pizza

Pizza – The Authentic Taste of Italy

There are not too many nations that can say that their national dish has become an international favorite. One taste of a true Italian pizza and that’s it, you will never feel the same about this simple and delicious food again.

Fresh Ingredients Form the Heart of Our Pizzas

The word “pizza” is likely to have originated from the Latin word pinsa, meaning flatbread. Poor Italian peasants in the middle ages used what few ingredients they had to produce pizza dough and topped it with olive oil and fresh herbs.

The introduction of the Indian water buffalo to Italy led to the inclusion of mozzarella cheese and when tomatoes were added to Italian cuisine in the 18th century we finally had what we now know as the modern Italian pizza.

The very first pizza (as we know it), was created by the chef of the Royal Court in Naples for the visit of the queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia. The simplest ingredients were used; he splashed some plain tomato sauce (Napoletana sauce) over a flattened and fried (yes the first pizzas were fried) piece of leftover sour-dough, sprinkled the top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and added fresh basil leaves…The results? That newly created dish resembled the colors of the Italian Flag; Red (sauce) White (Parmesan) and Green (Basil) …Yes, you guessed right he also named it “MARGHERITA”.

La Pagnotta – Traditional Italian Pizza in Perth

La Pagnotta uses only the freshest and best ingredients for its authentic Italian pizzas and bakes them in the true Italian tradition.

The founder of La Pagnotta, Nando De Maria, learned his trade in the pizzerias of Roma and has passed his extensive experience and knowledge to his son Walter and their dedicated staff.

Hot or Cold, Traditional or Rocket Salad

You can eat your La Pagnotta pizza hot or cold, in individual slices or you can take a quarter, half, or whole pizza (approx 1.4 meters by 250mm) home to your family or work function. We can supply your pizzas fully baked or for “that perfect piping hot pizza” you can take them home par-baked and easily finish off the cooking process in your very own oven.

Our pizza varieties include all your traditional favorites plus our scrumptious vegetarian pizzas, and our healthy rocket salad pizzas.

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